What exactly is the Professional Development Institute of San Diego?

Glad you asked! The Professional Development Institute, or The Institute was founded on the need for additional training options for companies. We started with building of training and grew from there. We offer customized professional development and training, Human Resources Servicing, Insurance and Accounting and Payroll Services. 


How long have you been around?

Define "been around". The Institute has been around since 2013 in some form of capacity from side consulting work to actual full time work. But don't you worry, we are not leaving your side.


Who founded "The Institute"?

Our fearless leader, Anthony Jordan, is the founder of the company. He may or may not have paid extra for this tidbit of info to be inserted. His vision for training and development for small to medium size businesses was the reason for the birth of this company. Small to medium sized businesses are abandoned in the training world, until now. Most have quotas for number of employees before they conduct a training. It's not all about money, its about growth of your business. Learn more about Anthony under the "Team" Section.

Are you expensive?



We think we are quite affordable but then again we are biased. But truthfully, not all pricing is set in stone. We are not all about the money. If a "mom and pop" shop wants to expand and get to the next level, we will help them. Sometimes it is only about doing the right thing. Sure we have operating costs and so do you. We can help, just call us. 

What else do you do? 

Some of the lesser known functions we have are Business Consulting and within six months we will be launching a staffing agency. Pretty cool right? We are excited too. Stay tuned!.

How do I get in contact with "The Institute"?

For your convenience, we have a 1-800 number that you use and a direct email to the bosses phone. He is pretty good at getting back to you. 

1-800-779-2041  or anthony@pdisd.com

Also, if you would like, input your information below to receive a call back from our sales staff.